Things are still moving forward

I posted earlier (nearly 2 months ago) that Rex’s Den is NOT dead by any means. Most of what I have been doing just hasn’t been related to the site.

In an attempt to complete a remodeling project in the house I have been busy building and cleaning. My latest project was the completion of a fully insulated doghouse for my German Shepard mix. It is quite heavy and has a roof that opens on hinges. The dog isn’t very excited to be sleeping outside but she does appear to like the house (when she bothers to use it). That project led me to cleaning out a shed in the backyard which took a whole day by itself.

I have been writing again as well. I have kept on the New Empire book as promised in the hopes of actually releasing it to the wild someday soon. I will include an excerpt near to where I am: [Read More…]

It’s been a while

I just wanted to post up that Rex’s Den is not dead. It’s been quite busy at home and posting has gone by the way-side. Luckily thing’s are beginning to slow down and I’m getting back into private projects. I’ll soon be posting up more.

The current state of being

I know that Rex’s Den saw some weekly activity for a bit and then died down again in the past few months, but there’s a reason for that. With the weather and the accompanying circumstances I haven’t had much time to write. I’ve either been home with the kids when school is cancelled (whether it was actually worth cancelling or not), or I’ve been at work trying to catch up on the productivity I’ve lost being home with the kids. So the content of my site has taken a hit.

Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up and get back on a schedule after the weather and my schedule calms down a bit.

A slight update today

For the past few months I’ve been having a slight problem with the blog. Each time I uploaded an image for a post the first letter of the file name would disappear. This wouldn’t effect the blog in that it still saw the file and displayed it correctly, but it irritated me. When I went looking for the picture it made it that much harder to find. I just noted it and moved on until I could find the time to look into it.

Today I finally went looking for solutions and quickly noticed that nobody else using Flatpress had mentioned it. I scoured their forums and not one soul had mentioned it. I even updated the blog to a beta version and it still did it. I was debating on emailing the author directly when I checked the web for people having this problem with anything else on their site (any format, not just Flatpress).[Read More…]

My proof of existance

It’s been a few months since I’ve updated anything but I’ve tried to maintain a presence through my twitter feed. Today I’ve found the time to upload some pictures and manage some links. So there, I exist.

I’ve removed the link to MSNBC’s news site. They completely re-did themselves and instead of being a page loaded with news stories they’re now a page with a few. I’ve been back a couple of times but find I’ve shied away from them. I’m just tired of looking at the link and remembering that I don’t bother anymore.

I’ve sorted a LOT of pictures over the past few months that I had saved on disk. Over the past week or so I’ve began uploading some.

Other than that I haven’t done too much. Family life has just been too busy.


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