Finished with another book!

The first book of the Devastated Earth series now has a complete first draft! I’m handing it over to a friend today along with the first book of the New Empire series for a preliminary review. While he’s doing that I’m going to reread the New Empire volume one and check for grammar/spelling errors. I’d like to think that a professional editor would be in the future, but money is very tight right now. My progress with these two books may just stall after that.

But I do have a stand-alone book to write. The outline is complete and I basically just have to type it all out. This could take some time of course, but it has more completed ahead of time than the other two had. Depending on how long my review of the other two take I may just hold this book off as a NaNoWriMo project. Only time will tell.

pinetwork1.jpgIn other news I’ve been playing with my Raspberry Pi’s a lot more. This website is now being hosted on one, which has become a part of the home network. It has a nightly backup, weekly restart, and SFTP capability. Through this project I’ve learned a lot more about Linux (especially the command prompt). I’ve also put some more touches on my Pi Calendar (an older Raspberry model B+ that hangs in the den).

The best part of this setup is if the power flickers, or fails the Pi puts almost no strain on my UPS. My big PLEX/file server shuts down after one minute and the routers, modem, and Pi just keep chugging along. Unless it’s left unattended for some time the website stays up and running.

That’s it for now. Good day and safe travels!

It’s almost time to write again

It’s almost that time of year again. November is National Novel Writing Month and despite setbacks last year I intend to at least get further this time. I already have a story, the beginnings of a layout, and the drive. All I need now is to complete the layout and stick with it during the month of November.

So what am I writing about? Well, I don’t want to give too much but I will say this: It’s based in a magical setting with a slight steampunk taste to it, but technology will take a backseat during much of the story. Most of the story will revolve around an airship and it’s crew as they try to correct a 200 year old mistake that sparked a war that rages on to this day. The concept was heavily influenced by [Read More…]

NaNo Fail

I hate to admit that I’m not going to make the National Novel Writing Month deadline.

I had made it to 15,641 words but two weeks ago I hit a wall that I couldn’t surpass. I got sick one Friday night. Although I felt better the next day the wife then fell ill. Then my oldest daughter caught it and was out of school for three days. Then I caught it again (much harder this time) and was out of commission for three more days.

By the time I got to the end of the week I gave up. Although I had tried to keep one day ahead of the game it was too much to finish, especially knowing that I wouldn’t be able to write during the Thanksgiving Holiday.

But I still plan on finishing this book. I have a layout that’s over 75% complete and I just HAVE to finish it. For myself if for anybody at all.

National Writing Month is here!

Well, so far I’ve met and exceeded the word count milestone for today! I’m bragging now because God only knows how long it’ll last.

Look Ma! Proof!

This story was a rocky start. Two days ago I trashed the 4 page layout that I written out in favor of a completely different story. I switched over to a story for New Empire that I have been wanting to write for some time. It’s a Rendezvous with Rama type of story about the discover of the Comet which exists in the New Empire universe and ends up beginning one of the great wars.

So, glasses up, and here’s to hoping that I complete the novel this first year!

National November Writing Month is coming

(*Martin Luther King voice*) I HAD A DREAM! In it all men turned into vampires and the undead expect two, who were cast out for being different. Harry Potter was there. He was a vampire.

True story. I probably shouldn’t have fallen asleep watching Friday The 13th.

But anyways…

A couple of weeks ago one of my closest friends posted online about his continued participation in the National November Writing Month competition. I remember him mentioning it in the past, and I’ve looked into it before, but this year it peaked my interest more than usual.

So this year I signed up. I reviewed the rules, created an account, and am broadcasting it to the world. I have until the 1st to come up with a final idea and a proper character structure. The big problem is getting in the mood to write AND staying there.

Since the major distraction in the house is my kids I’m truly debating on getting them involved. The goal for myself is 50,000 words or more (more on that later) but I’m thinking of encouraging the kids to complete at least 4,000 words by the end of the month. This would help develop their typing skills (beyond video games), while encouraging an ability that they’ve shown in the past (storytelling, My son’s actually written stories by hand), all while keeping them out of my hair so that I can work. It’s a win-win.

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