Future Plans

I’ve come to face facts. I haven’t been able to sit and work on any stories in over a year. Complications from my day job have tied me down both in and out of work. What little free time is taken by things that need to be done for home and family, or simply taken by exhaustion. I have multiple certifications to obtain, work orders to keep up on, and have other responsibilities to keep up with on top of that.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, although it’s a very long tunnel.

I’m planning retirement from my current day job in four years. That’ll mark my 25th year and I’m getting out early. This isn’t just so that I can focus more on side projects and writing, there’s a variety of other contributing factors, but I plan to get back into writing afterward and continuing my existing stories as well as a few other one-offs.

I’ll still be working of course. I don’t see writing as ever becoming a solid source of income, it’s more of a passion. I’ll find something smaller and part-time. I don’t want something that will drag me down and require the dedication that I currently struggle to provide.

So here’s looking toward the spring of 2024! I’m hoping that something new will be coming out around that time.