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It’s been a year since we cut the cord!

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Almost Human

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Play’n games, the video kind

I really don’t have a big topic to talk about this week so I think I might share a couple of ‘time-killers’ I’ve been playing lately. I’ll also share another that a friend has been touting a lot lately.

I’ll start by making this completely clear: I don’t have much money. There, I said it. That was a load off of my chest. The reason I said that is because the games you’ll see here have been out for some time, but because of my finances I’ve learned to get the most out of my entertainment. I don’t buy a game unless I see that it’ll give a lot of replay value.

minecraftcover.pngSo let’s start with my two ‘go to’ games. These are games that I find myself returning to constantly. I may play them for a few months, get bored, stop for a few months, and then get the urge to play them again. These two games are Minecraft and Skyrim.

You’ve heard me brag about Minecraft in the past. It’s constantly being added onto and has many varients (one of which I enjoy the most is Tekkit). It’s a game where you build, fight, and survive. Each time you play it’s a new world. It can be quite addicting and even when you grow tired of it you begin to miss it after a while. I even host my own server and have bought my two oldest children accounts.[Read More…]

Why I’m dumping State Farm Insurance

I’m guessing you can count this as a review. A review on how a company treats its customers from the perspective of someone who’s had enough encounters in that field.

I’ll start from the beginning.

When I bought my first vehicle I may have been put under my parent’s insurance. I honestly can’t remember. Perhaps they didn’t want to dump too much on me at once (car payment, new things to learn..). But after my first wreck I remember who I had. It was an account of my own with a small, “no-name” company. Seriously, I can’t remember the name and have no documents saved from that far back. I could swear it had the word “Mills” somewhere in the name but a quick Google search turns up nothing. I gentleman who went to our church at the time was an agent with an office nearby.

I never had a single problem with that company. I only moved on [Read More…]


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