Finished with another book!

The first book of the Devastated Earth series now has a complete first draft! I’m handing it over to a friend today along with the first book of the New Empire series for a preliminary review. While he’s doing that I’m going to reread the New Empire volume one and check for grammar/spelling errors. I’d like to think that a professional editor would be in the future, but money is very tight right now. My progress with these two books may just stall after that.

But I do have a stand-alone book to write. The outline is complete and I basically just have to type it all out. This could take some time of course, but it has more completed ahead of time than the other two had. Depending on how long my review of the other two take I may just hold this book off as a NaNoWriMo project. Only time will tell.

pinetwork1.jpgIn other news I’ve been playing with my Raspberry Pi’s a lot more. This website is now being hosted on one, which has become a part of the home network. It has a nightly backup, weekly restart, and SFTP capability. Through this project I’ve learned a lot more about Linux (especially the command prompt). I’ve also put some more touches on my Pi Calendar (an older Raspberry model B+ that hangs in the den).

The best part of this setup is if the power flickers, or fails the Pi puts almost no strain on my UPS. My big PLEX/file server shuts down after one minute and the routers, modem, and Pi just keep chugging along. Unless it’s left unattended for some time the website stays up and running.

That’s it for now. Good day and safe travels!

I went and got distracted, but I haven’t lost interest.

First and foremost, I’ve made some changes to Rex’s Den. You won’t notice by just looking but I’ve changed the file layout. When I had switched over to Flatpress I threw the actual blog into a subfolder. I did that to keep things cleaner, but it had ‘unforeseen’ effects. So I’ve changed it to be more accommodating to search engines. This also means that previous links to articles will be broken.

Now on to actual fun stuff:

My writing has been compromised as of late. I’ve taken off for nearly a month (shame on me).

I’m trying to think back to when I got distracted and I can’t put a finger on the cause. I remember Star Trek Online’s summer event starting, but I think it was before that. Since then I’ve have a job interview to prep for, Pokemon Go finally hit America’s soil, and lots of little things have happened that just seems to pile up.

However, I have made some progress.[Read More…]

A story in the works

writing-clipart.gif A couple of posts below you’ll see a snippet of a possible story that I was debating on continuing. Well, I have continued it. I’m on chapter five and writing at a dedicated rate. I have the actual story planned through chapter five and I believe that I’m going all the way with this book.

This will be the first book in a series, the length of which I haven’t decided on yet. There is an ‘end game’ though. This ending will involve all of the nations of this fictional world combating a common enemy in an effort to save themselves from extinction. Since the first book only takes place in one nation and will barely touch upon a second you can see that it may last a while. [Read More…]


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