Things are still moving forward

I posted earlier (nearly 2 months ago) that Rex’s Den is NOT dead by any means. Most of what I have been doing just hasn’t been related to the site.

In an attempt to complete a remodeling project in the house I have been busy building and cleaning. My latest project was the completion of a fully insulated doghouse for my German Shepard mix. It is quite heavy and has a roof that opens on hinges. The dog isn’t very excited to be sleeping outside but she does appear to like the house (when she bothers to use it). That project led me to cleaning out a shed in the backyard which took a whole day by itself.

I have been writing again as well. I have kept on the New Empire book as promised in the hopes of actually releasing it to the wild someday soon. I will include an excerpt near to where I am:

“The ships have begun to move captain.” Abbas said without looking up from his screen.

“What’s there ETA?” Jake asked

“I would guess around forty minutes. Again, it’s hard to get an accurate reading with the passive sensors. Abbas answered.

Jake turned to face Abbas and gave a confused look, “Forty minutes? Why so slow?”

Abbas just looked up and shrugged his shoulders.

Jake turned slowly back to face the forward display. “Sam, Joey, is this a tactic either of you have seen before?”

Both Joey and Sam looked at each other for a moment.

“Damage?” Sam suggested.

“They wouldn’t have exposed themselves here until they were ready.” Joey answered, “No, I’d put my money on that they’re waiting for something. From the stealthy approach they already made they’ve proven that they could have jumped in closer and took on the Exodus with very little warning. No…” Joey turned back towards the main display and pondered, “There’s something that they know and we don’t.”

“Has the Exodus moved or given any indication in a change?” Jake asked.

“No.” Abbas answered.

“They could be trying to draw the Exodus away from the colony.” Jalia chimed in.

“Possibly.” Abbas added, “But if so, they aren’t taking the bait.”

“Alright.” Jake started as he sat up straighter, “Let’s call their bluff. Are we ready for the sensor burst?”

“Yes.” Abbas answered, “And Brody reports ready to transfer that power back to shields and engines when needed.”

“Then let’s do this.” Jake ordered.

Abbas typed in the commands at his workstation, “Scanning the system, and… Done. We just exposed our position captain.”

Jake studied the display for a moment. Other objects began to appear as the sensor burst revealed them. Small asteroids, debris, and the fighters around the Exodus became apparent. The Russian ships also became more detailed and he could clearly count the number of them now.

“Any change?” Jake asked.

“Not yet, but I’m back to using passive sensors. It may take them a few moments to react and decide on a change of plan.” Abbas answered.

That’s a section from chapter 12. The team is completely together now (well, Tamea’s elsewhere in that scene, but she’s on the team) It’s past the halfway point at least. Plus I added another character from a separate book I dropped. He’s slightly more ‘unique’ than the others.

Stand by for more updates as they come.


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