The first draft is complete!

nepreview.jpg I’m happy to say that the first draft of the first New Empire book is complete! Currently it runs at a length of 67,353 words and 17 story chapters. Of course, that’s subject to change during the editing process.

Please excuse the poor quality of the image to the right. It’s saved at a very low setting.

If successful (I haven’t decided on what ’success’ is yet) I have three more slated as a series detailing the Earth/Colonies war in it’s entirety.

I also haven’t decided what I plan to do with this book in terms of publishing. For right now I’m just concentrating on the editing part. I will fine-tune some portions to my liking through the end of this week and then proceed from there.

I do want to thank my cousin for reading the early chapters and giving me support some time ago. It meant a lot to me knowing that someone out there was interested.


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