Cleaning up the spam

Red Stop Spam key on a computer keyboard with clipping path around the coloured key I decided to delete all of the comments on the blog yesterday. A few of them were relevant, but that was a very small percentage compared to the whole. So I nuked them all directly from the file structure (an advantage to using Flatpress). This is all in preparation for a revival in content.

I’ll be disabling comments from here on out but readers are encouraged to comment from social media. (Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. Of which I’ll be linking future posts from).

I’m attempting to locate some of the posts that I had moved over to the failed Cord-cutter site so that I can put them back up over here. Although it looks like I deleted them all. I’m not too happy about that. Some of them actually required some work and had good information.

Oh well.

My last book is up and available on Lulu. It has been for quite some time and I’m currently paused in the center of a free ‘in-between’ book. I paused in order to work on another project that I have high hopes for. It’s not science fiction, but fantasy. It’s also a completely new direction for my writing to take.

That’s it for today (and probably the next week). Stay safe my friends and pray for Spring!

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