An unnamed, new project

This little snippet has no name yet. I’ve been bouncing an idea around in my head this week and after sketching out some details I decided to write something (un-edited). So here ya go:

The sound of a soft, crackling fire first awoke Alyssa. She slowly opened her eyes and glanced around the room. It was dark, but the sporadic flames allowed her to see. She was crumpled in a near-fetal position in the corner of the room. The floor was tile and the wall behind her was stone, both of which were cold against her naked skin.

A man in a lab-coat lay before her. He showed no signs of life but appears to be reaching towards Alyssa before he had settled in his current position. He was older, She couldn’t be sure but he was at least sixty, with a long beard and glasses. She felt as though she should know him, but her memories were fleeting. She didn’t know where she was or why.

Alyssa’s joints screamed of pain as she struggled to stand. It was a weird sensation as the pain was just announcing its presence. It didn’t hinder her movement whatsoever. It was just ‘there’.

As she steadied herself against the stone wall she felt another, sharper pain from her right arm. She glanced down and saw a large gash near her wrist. There was no blood, and instead of tissue and bone there was silver metal and slight flashes of light. This didn’t scare her, but it was unexpected. Like everything else she had no memory of why this was.

Alyssa looked around the room and saw scorch marks and broken glass. Blown lights were inset into the ceiling and the smell of burning electronics was strong. There had definitely been an explosion here. As she sniffed the air she felt as though there was little, breathable oxygen. She didn’t know how she could tell or rather why it didn’t affect her. Alyssa just knew.

Avoiding the broken glass and slowly dying flames Alyssa made her way to the only door in the room. It was completely metal and opened inwards. This meant that the explosion must have jammed it into the frame because Alyssa had to use a little effort to force it open.

The next room was small and barely lit. It had stone walls as well but the explosion had not touched it. A few lab-coats hug on one side and a table was on the other. A computer sat on the table but was turned off. Another door was across from the one she had just entered through. Alyssa yanked a lab-coat off of its hook and held it to her bare chest as she eyed the computer.

How did she know what these things where? She knew her name as well, but had no other memories. Frustration was bubbling up inside of her.

She pushed the power button on the computer. The lights dimmed further and the computer beeped once but it did not turn on.

Alyssa put on the lab-coat and decided that she had to leave. Whatever was powering this place was slowly dying. Soon she would be left in the dark.


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