A story in the works

writing-clipart.gif A couple of posts below you’ll see a snippet of a possible story that I was debating on continuing. Well, I have continued it. I’m on chapter five and writing at a dedicated rate. I have the actual story planned through chapter five and I believe that I’m going all the way with this book.

This will be the first book in a series, the length of which I haven’t decided on yet. There is an ‘end game’ though. This ending will involve all of the nations of this fictional world combating a common enemy in an effort to save themselves from extinction. Since the first book only takes place in one nation and will barely touch upon a second you can see that it may last a while.

So far I’m happy with the cast of characters that I have created. They’re diverse in their backgrounds and abilities so far. You have already met Alyssa in the previous snippet, but you have yet to meet Abigail. She is on the run from the local law enforcement for a crime she did not commit and has been introduced to a power that she isn’t sure she can handle.

I have also introduced Matthew, who is a young sailor dreaming of a more exciting life as a fighter. This is a classic type of character, but one that will change as he realizes that the future he wishes for may be tougher than he ever imagined.

And then there’s Growl, whose past and details I’d rather not divulge yet. He’s just now seeing through the veil of fear that his kind has kept them under and is questioning his path in life. Meeting Alyssa gives him the push that he needs to make a choice that could possibly change the world.

I’m actually happy with the concept of this story and I’m excited to proceed. I’ve had a couple of people read the first four chapters and their responses were positive. I’ve even put a separate, single story that’s completely planned out on hold to focus on this one.

Wish me luck!

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