I went and got distracted, but I haven’t lost interest.

First and foremost, I’ve made some changes to Rex’s Den. You won’t notice by just looking but I’ve changed the file layout. When I had switched over to Flatpress I threw the actual blog into a subfolder. I did that to keep things cleaner, but it had ‘unforeseen’ effects. So I’ve changed it to be more accommodating to search engines. This also means that previous links to articles will be broken.

Now on to actual fun stuff:

My writing has been compromised as of late. I’ve taken off for nearly a month (shame on me).

I’m trying to think back to when I got distracted and I can’t put a finger on the cause. I remember Star Trek Online’s summer event starting, but I think it was before that. Since then I’ve have a job interview to prep for, Pokemon Go finally hit America’s soil, and lots of little things have happened that just seems to pile up.

However, I have made some progress. I’m drafted all the way up to chapter 7 and have sketched ideas past that. Plus I have a layout in my head that’ll take the characters away from the first continent, which will in turn close out the first book.

So below is a snippet that I’ve decided to release. I know it’s out of context but to reveal too much would do exactly that. And, as always I’ve disabled commenting on Rex’s Den due to the massive amounts of spam, however I’m posting a link on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. Feel free to let me know your opinions. Remember that this is the first draft but critiquing is always welcome.

Abigail fingered the cards in her pouch. Harshly, the voice whispered, “You can do this! My power will work through you!” It was the loudest she had ever heard the voice get.

Abigail was hesitant, but this green demon was going to strike them. Not acting at all would mean certain death. What mysterious power Alyssa had mustered had vanished as quickly as it had appeared. That left Abigail trusting in a power that she wasn’t sure she could even control.

“Throw the deck forth and believe that you can block this fowl creature’s power!” The voice screamed in her head.

Shield reared his hand back and focused his power into his palm. His attacks were not as strong as Fang’s, but they could make short work of a small human army. These few would pose no problem. Whatever power the human woman had used before was gone now. He smirked at her. She was as good as dead. The smaller woman and the horse would even be destroyed by this shockwave. He wouldn’t hold back this attack and should still have plenty left for the men approaching from behind.

Alyssa froze in place. She wasn’t scared, but concerned. She had felt a power growing in her and had seen dark flames growing on her skin. Unfortunately it seemed that the power vanished as soon as she noticed it. She knew that she had the ability to make a difference here, but she didn’t know how.

“Death,” Shield spoke confidently as he thrust his palm forward, willing the magical energy to blast forward in a straight line directly towards Alyssa. The sound of the shot shook the ground and spooked the horses, which nearly bucked Matt and his teammates.

“NOW!” The voice yelled in Abigail’s head.

She quickly drew the deck from her pouch and threw the cards forth, holding her palms up in a vain attempt to stop an attack that she wasn’t entirely sure could be stopped. “Shield us!” She yelled.

The cards separated as they should have, but instead of fluttering to the ground they defied gravity and spread apart while rising higher into the air. Quickly they formed a curved barrier with about a foot of space between each card. Abigail felt a tinge of fear concerning the gaps, but there wasn’t enough time to think about it before Shield’s blast hit the flimsy looking barrier.

The blast of dark magic impacted the cards with a loud boom which resulted in a shockwave that flattened the grass below. Shield wasn’t sure what magic had just been employed. He hadn’t sensed human or demon power, but something had blocked his attack.

He dove forward, pushing the air with all the strength his wings could muster. He had seen the dark magic the blonde woman had conjured before and wouldn’t give her a second chance.
The cards fell from the air and littered the ground as Shield’s dark energy faded. Abigail wasn’t sure how but the cards had responded as the voice had predicted. She stood with both of her arms still raised in astonishment.

“It’s not over,” the voice commanded, “The creature advances!”

Abigail glanced up through the fading dark magic and saw that the green demon had nearly closed half of the distance between them and was approaching fast.

“Will me to attack,” the voice urged.

Abigail wasn’t sure what that meant. The cards were no longer in her hands, but she didn’t have time to consider the details of her actions. She pictured Judith in her mind and yelled, “Attack!” while lowering her fingers to aim directly at the green monster baring down on them.

The littered mess of cards lifted an inch off the ground for a split second before launching at Shield in rapid succession.

Shield saw them coming, but strangely he still felt no power from them. He attempted to dodge, but his mass and speed were too great. They glanced off of his armored skin, but he felt a stinging sensation in their wake. As impossible as it was to believe they were actually slicing him. He growled at this new feeling. Nothing had ever pierced his armor before, but luckily these cards weren’t slowing him down.

He focused his vision back at the blonde woman, who was now beginning to take a step back. In less than a second he would rip her in half with his bare hands. Only after completing that task would he focus on this other woman and her toy cards.

She was nearly within his grasp. He was reaching forward to grab her neck when he felt a pain greater than anything he had ever felt before. Something that felt like multiple knives stabbed into his left shoulder and pulled it backward. His flight path was completely compromised and he passed over Alyssa, crashing into the ground behind her.

Shield rolled onto his feet and quickly recovered. He reached up to hold his shoulder and looked at it as he did. There a large wolf held a tight grip with its jaws. It had held onto him even during the crash. How it had attacked him in mid-air was a complete mystery, as was how it had also managed to pierce his armor.

He gripped the creature’s head and ripped the wolf away, throwing it a good twenty feet. That should have killed any creature that size, but this wolf rolled back onto its feet and regained a defensive stance.

“I’m returning to you,” Abigail heard the voice whisper. She had been focused on the demon’s attack, and amazed by Judith’s sudden appearance on its back. How the animal had survived being thrown just now was beyond her knowledge, but she felt the dire wolf’s anger in her heart. It knew exactly what needed to be done.

Abigail turned back towards the direction that cards had last flown. They were flying back to her and reforming into the form of a perfectly stacked deck. She reached out and grabbed the deck in mid-air.
“The wolf will not be enough,” the voice whispered, “You must flee, it’ll make sure you escape.”

Judith lunged back at Shield and he responded with a quick bolt of dark magic from his palm. This creature was fast and he didn’t have time to muster anything strong. The wolf dodged his blast and darted about, trying to close the gap between them. This dance continued as neither could gain an advantage.

Abigail grabbed Alyssa by the sleeve. “We must go!” She urged.

Alyssa could only stare at the battle in amazement. “How are you doing this?” she asked.

And lastly, I’ve pulled the New Empire book volume 1 from my storefront. I’ve decided to do some editing and re-release it at a later date. After this upcoming book at least.

G’night folks!


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