The Torpedo Class I

Lately I’ve been thinking that I REALLY need to post something. Up until the holidays I had been working on two stories; the second book in the New Empire series, and a stand alone book that has a working title of “The Road of Skulls”.

I was derailed by Christmas, plus all of the events leading up to it. Soon after that I was consumed by New Years celebrations. What can I say, it’s always something.Torpedo1sketch.jpg

I’m back on track now. I need to send the public something to show that I’m working again. However, that ’something’ will not be snippets of story. Instead, I have dug out a lot of the original sketches that inspired me to create the New Empire universe. I drew these from scratch when I was much younger.

For the first one you’re getting a double of the same ship. The Torpedo class battleship is introduced in the first book (Dark Frontier) and a few are shown. I drew the original in 1995 and evolved the ship through four different iterations. Over the years in the New Empire universe there will be a class II, III, and IV of the Torpedo Battleships.

After the turn of the century I began playing with various computer 3D modeling programs and developed an actual model of the class I. I really wish I knew what had happened to those files. Luckily I found a printout of the renders and scanned it back in.

So I present to you, dear readers, the Draconis Empire’s Torpedo Class I Battleship.



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